Microsoft Student Partner: Each and Every unanswered question would be answered here!!

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What is the Microsoft Student Partner Program?

Microsoft Student Partner is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students enrolled in full-time courses related to technology.

What is the benefit of the Microsoft Student Partner Program?

1.MSP program helps us to develop our skills not only in academics but also helps us to develop skills such as networking by interacting and learning with various other MSP present all over the world through an app named "TEAMS".

2. MSP program helps you to learn about various Microsoft cutting edge technologies which are quite popular nowadays.

3. MSP program helps you to learn new skills and deploy them in your local community. Microsoft believes in " Empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more". This program does the same.

How does the Microsoft Student Partner Program Work?

MSP has four stages :

1. Alpha-1: This is the first level. In this level, you have access to all the Microsoft learning paths and you have to complete a learning path of your choice to increase your level to Alpha-2

2. Alpha-2: This is the second level. In this level, students will unlock Azure credits with Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription.

In this level, you have to write blogs about what you learn and finally have to arrange a workshop to boost your level to Beta.

3. Beta: This is the third level. The perks you get in this level is "You can arrange subways meals for the participants attending your workshop and Microsoft would pay to it", " Azure Credits $150 every month"

In this level, you have to arrange workshops, spread knowledge by different means, help people to learn and grow and complete various Microsoft learning path, conduct coding competition, earn Microsoft Certificate to progress to Gold Level.

4. Gold Level: It is the final level of the MSP program. This level showcases the enormous efforts a student have to put in earning their badges, and serving there local community.

How to apply for a Microsoft student program?

1. You can apply to this program through Link:

2. You have to click on Apply Now

3. You have to fill your Personal, School, Academic, College details under various sub-sections

4.Under Writing Section, You have to answer three questions and it is mandatory to answer one of the questions through a video.

5. All things are done. Click on Submit button and Wait for the results.

You can apply in any year of your college. I myself applied in my first year and got selected.

When to apply for the Microsoft student program?

Many of us feel that we are not good enough to apply to this program or our skills are not that good and we keep on waiting for the right time.

Application for the program is always open and Microsoft now select student quarterly. So the next round of selection would be in May I guess.

My advice for you is to apply to each and every opportunity you get because you would never be perfect and there would be always someone better than you.

The thing is you would always learn from every rejection. I would advise all of the readers to surely apply for this program as soon as possible and enjoy being a part of it.

Therefore I would like to conclude, that being an MSP you would surely learn and explore new things. I would encourage my fellow mates to apply to this program and bring a change to our community.

Thanks & Regards
Dhruv Trehan
Microsoft Student Partner.
Pranveer Singh Insititute of Technology.

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MLSA 2020 || Student || Connect with me at: ||

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