Is it difficult to find true love?

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Article 7/10: Is it difficult to find true love?

Disclaimer : The article is based on the research done by me and my team. It is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone. It is completely based on our personal interpretation of the research work we did. Any constructive criticism is welcomed.

Great, now let us start with this article.

I am 25+, Still I am not able to settle with the right person”

“Will I ever find anyone in my childhood days?”

“True love exist?”

If these thoughts ever come across your mind, then you are in the right place. Then, this article is just for you. Each one of us have some past stories, because of which you are terrified with a thought to again fall in love or to trust a particular person again.

Though, it is quite easy to fall in love, but it’s quite difficult to stay in love with the same person over years. That indirectly states that “Yes, it is difficult to find true love!”

Staying in love with the same person, over years is extremely difficult — here’s why and what are the potential solutions one can come up with.

Fear of commitment

The first thing that joggles up in your mind is: Finding true love & then commuting a story in which you are solely dedicated to the other person. Though we know, Modern dating is a tough task as it’s puzzled up with thoughts of people around us. Some couples don’t want to give commitment thereby never declaring their relationship officially. The hook-up culture is in trend now days, which makes you not trust anyone that easily. Don’t fall easily into hook-ups, first prefer building up emotional sensitivity with the people around you.

Fear of Failed Relationships

We all have some past stories. Stories on, “How people screw up with relations is so common & in-trend nowadays?” that most of us fear to try our luck out. Most of our friends would have been a part of a cheating scandal which makes us not trust anyone anymore around us. But ever we treat such a situation with empathy, Do we?

What I advice you is: “To get to the gist of the problem!” because as every person is not same. How can you expect the same old story in every relationship?

Be patient in every relationship and try to understand each other. If you to know, why understanding is a key of a successful bond checkout facts here.

Reality Check: The real you

In this world of the internet, finding a real person is a tough task. People’s identity is filtered with several layer of masks thereby I advise you to personally meet & judge people. Don’t fall into the loop of love, before you trust someone completely.

If you want to share a life with someone, first make them a part of your life.

If you want to live a life with someone, first try to make them a part of it. And, How that can happen? Share your work, your future goals, things that stress you out, things that make you happy, that make you cry, most probably every important thing with your partner.

Sharing everything would help you to build a bond with them, helping you know that can you in-cure a trust in your partner that is required to form a life-long bond.

Have guts to live a fairy tale

If you want your love story shine like a fairy tale you should have guts to trust your partner in every aspect of his/her life. This will test your accountability with your partner. We wish that you get your love super soon. Though finding the right person takes time but when you get one, you will have that particular person for your entire life.

True love will find its path with time”

So, Relationships are a part of life. They can be beautiful, creative, romantic, ugly, crooked, and anything that can’t be describe with words. It’s all about how magical you make out of it. With this I am signing from this article, if you love this article do share it with your friends who are having hard time in relationship.

Try to solve your problem with people (friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, kids, parents). Life is small, you would never no when is your last day!!

Spread positivity & happiness all-around. An approach towards creating a better world.

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